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For centuries white doves have symbolized the Holy Spirit, hope, love, peace and the soul. A ceremonial white dove release provides an exceptionally beautiful moment in time for family and friends to express to their departed loved one their farewells, prayers and love. The ceremony allows for a release of emotion and a sense of healing as the doves ascend into the sky, circle the gravesite and fly away into the heavens. The poignant symbolism of the ceremony is a powerful tribute to your loved one, and a cherished memory for all who share in the experience.

As a special tribute we offer a complementary white dove release to the family of any Indiana law enforcement officer, firefighter or soldier killed in the line of duty. A gift…from our family to yours.

We offer the following services; however, we invite you to choose any number of doves that may be of particular significance to you and your loved one.

The Spirit Dove Release

A single snow white dove is released in a symbolic tribute to your loved one at the conclusion of the gravesite or memorial service. People have expressed how comforting it feels to release the dove, how it opens up the grieving process, and how it allows them to say a final farewell and let go. When released, the doves will usually fly directly into the sky, and when they have their bearings, return home

The Trinity Release

Three doves symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are released, followed momentarily by a single dove representing the spirit of your loved one. The single dove will usually join the three doves in formation, and they will fly home together.

The Final Journey Home

A single dove is presented to a family member to release. Momentarily, a flock of ten white doves are set free to join the single dove in flight. The single dove signifies the soul of the departed, and the flock symbolizes the spirits of those loved ones who have passed before, welcoming and showing the departed soul the way home. As the single dove soars with his flock of angels and ascends into the heavens on his final journey home, you will experience a truly touching conclusion to your loved ones service.

The Dove Companion

A snow white dove in a beautiful cage is placed near your loved one during visitation.


In the Arms of Angels

The spirit dove is released and followed by three…the Angel of Hope, the Angel of Love, and the Angel of Peace.  As the four doves join together, your loved one is carried home in the arms of angels.